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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Book Review - Charlie and Pearl by Tammy Robinson

Title: Charlie and Pearl
Author: Tammy Robinson
Rating: 4 stars

Charlie and Pearl is a quick read that has a writing style with a lovely flow to it that makes it very difficult to put down. I can't say too much without giving something away, so I'll keep this review short and to the point.

It's a beautifully written love story that gently flows along for the first half of the book, but then takes a couple of unexpected turns that culminate in an ending that will take your breath away.

This is a book that will most likely divide opinion. Some people will love the ending, while others (and I am one of them) will understand it but not like it.

A beautifully written love story that will tug at your heartstrings and will definitely give you food for thought. Tammy Robinson is a new author to me, but one I will look out for in the future. Her writing style is beautiful.

A tearjerking 4 stars.

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